Random Trivia About Me

Answers to: Mom, Mum, Ma, Pat, Patty, Auntie Pat, Mrs. G, and a variety of mispronunciations of Mrs. Gohn.  (Incidentally, “Gohn” rhymes with “phone”.)

Family status: I love Bob, my husband. We’re married 30 years, renewing our vows in 2007 as we celebrated at our 25th anniversary in Rome, Italy. We have three  young adult children. Son-daughter-son. Older son and daughter are out of college, youngest son still studying.

Pets: A feisty Boston terrier and a fish tank of assorted cichlids. I am an avid bird lover and our yard has multiple feeders.

Born & raised: New York City and the Long Island suburbs. I am the oldest of three sisters. Bob and I moved the family to Massachusetts in 1994 following a career move, but as they say… you can take the girl outta Noo York, but you can’t take Noo York outta da girl.

Current residence: Down a country lane in Massachusetts.

Interests: All things Catholic, family time, playing guitar, reading, journaling, travel, music, theatre, radio, skiing, camping, and Scrabble.

Bordering on TMI: I am a breast cancer survivor since 1996, and have a titanium hip replacement since 2008 due to lifelong dysplasia.