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The F.U.N. Quotient… she sheds…

There was a time, a few decades ago, when instead of putting my child in time out, I wish I could put myself in timeout.  Problem is, if I had one of these sheds back then… I may never have come out.

“She Sheds”: Women’s Answer to the Man Cave

It continues… 

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The F.U.N. Quotient… or, the heavens declare the glory of God.

The heavens are telling the glory of God;
and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.

-Psalm 19:1-

NASA released this video of our closest galactic neighbor. Pretty startling how small we are in comparison to the cosmos. It’s also pretty startling that the God of the Universe sent his Son to redeem us on this tiny blue planet. That’s a God who really cares for us.

The F.U.N. Quotient… in which Fr Darryl autotunes the Church & Pope Francis (very fun & energetic!)

Fr Darryl is one of the many podcasting priests around the world. Here’s one of his latest video creations.

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The F.U.N. Quotient… a non-traditional song for Advent- “God with us” by Mercy Me

Got holiday chores and plans? Here’s one that keeps my heart pumping and feet moving as I work out my list, and check it twice….

Mercy Me – God With Us (Official Music Video) from mercymemusic on GodTube.

Who are we
that You would be mindful of us
what do You see
that’s worth looking our way we are
free in ways that we never should be
sweet release from the grip of these chains
like hinges
straining from the weight
my heart no longer can keep from singing.

all that is within me cries for You alone be glorified
Emmanuel God with us
my heart sings a brand new song
the debt is paid these chains are gone
Emmanuel God with us.

Lord You know
our hearts don’t deserve Your glory
still You show a love we cannot afford
like hinges straining from the weight
my heart no longer can keep from singing. [back to chorus]

Such a tiny offering compared to Calvary nevertheless we lay it at your feet. [back to chorus]