The F.U.N. Quotient… An Ode to a Bowl of Cereal

The F.U.N. Quotient… An Ode to a Bowl of Cereal

 Ode to a Bowl of Cereal

Not just any cereal,
A bowl of cereal.

Not just any bowl of cereal,
A pit crew, ready,
To fuel up the car,
For the big race

A claw game,
Descending upon tiny
Flotation devices.
Giving their bounty to
The lucky winner

Tiny stars floating in the
Milky Way.
Being harnessed by higher beings
As if picking fruit off
A tree,
But picking cereal off a
Cereal tree
All band together,
Soldiers mingling in a
Circular expanse.
Collaborating and conversing
With each other,
To see when they will be selected
To fulfill their duty,
And head to the front lines
For battle

 A simple
Bowl of cereal,
A morning ritual, practiced
By millions each day.
Completely underestimated,
But also essential
For everyone

-John Oliveira-

This poem was written by my nephew, a high school freshman. Thanks, John!

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The F.U.N. Quotient…. the “marry me” edition.

Verily’s Facebook page had a link to this group of marriage proposals that was too good not to share.  All of them are about 5 minutes long and have some kind of music going on. But 5 for 5, the gents all got down on one knee. And all five gals were surprised and said “yes.”

I don’t know who these couples are, but say a prayer for them. All couples need that. The easy part is behind them. But the best part awaits them if they give themselves fully to their beloved in this vocation.

“Marriage is an act of will that signifies and involves a mutual gift, which unites the spouses and binds them to their eventual souls, with whom they make up a sole family – a domestic church.”

- Blessed John Paul II -

The F.U.N. Quotient… amazing photo edition

Fabulous, well-timed, surprises. 

Gorgeous northern lights from around the world.

And yes, maybe not so amazing, cuz we’re used to winter cold in these parts… so here are locals posting their dogs-in-snow on

The F.U.N. Quotient… the giddy joy that God made this for you.

Sometimes the best fun is the kind of giddy joy that comes from knowing the world, as God intended it, is still a very beautiful place… God made this for you…

Huelux from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.


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