This makes me think… about waiting patiently for God this Advent

How do we wait for God? We wait with patience. But patience does not mean passivity. Waiting patiently is not like waiting for the bus to come, the rain to stop, or the sun to rise. It is an active waiting in which we live the present moment to the full in order to find there the signs of the One we are waiting for.

The word patience comes from the Latin verb patior which means “to suffer.” Waiting patiently is suffering through the present moment, tasting it to the full, and letting the seeds that are sown in the ground on which we stand grow into strong plants. Waiting patiently always means paying attention to what is happening right before our eyes and seeing there the first rays of God’s glorious coming.

-Henri Nouwen-
Bread for the Journey

My #BBB book plus all Ave Maria Press titles NOW 35% OFF thru Nov 30!

My #BBB book plus all Ave Maria Press titles NOW 35% OFF thru Nov 30!

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The F.U.N. Quotient… the hamster thanksgiving

And just in case you are in total hamster cuteness mode… there’s this….


Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours…*

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours…*

So many things to be thankful to God for this year… from the big things to the little things…

My Bob and my all grown up family…

Ok, we gotta get better at this. This is the last photo I have of us -- from May?? (before I cut off my hair!)

At a friend’s wedding in May.



Katie, Bobby, Peter… visiting Pete in DC


My married daughter and son-in-love -- celebrated one year!

My married daughter and son-in-love — celebrated one year!


For renewed health for my mom… (thanks for all the prayers!)



For new employment for Bob… yay!


And continued free-lance style work for me


Speaking to women earlier this month on Long Island. (I Love New York!)

And the book award from the Catholic Press Association…


And book signings…

And the all people and places I have been able to meet with… both near and far…

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For fun

with Lisa Hendey,,,

with Lisa Hendey


A toast with Maria Johnson at the Red Lion Tavern in Stockbridge MA, Oct 2014.

with Maria Johnson

And for ministry opportunities around the US and Canada…

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.32.55 AM

With Among Women listeners in California



With the team leaders in the Diocese of Springfield IL


Me with Fr James Mallon, pastor of Saint Benedict Parish

With Fr James Mallon, pastor of Saint Benedict Parish, and author, from Halifax, Nova Scotia



At the Oklahoma City Catholic Women’s Conference


And for continuing education

Our Lady of Divine Providence, House of Prayer, Clearwater, FL

Our Lady of Divine Providence, House of Prayer, in Clearwater, FL

And another year behind the microphone at Among Women…

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Thank you to all my readers and listeners! May you enjoy a happy and holy holiday!

*Yes, that is an actual New England turkey spotted in full plumage.

Among Women 187: Saintly Models for Charity, Diligence, and Temperance

Among Women 187: Saintly Models for Charity, Diligence, and Temperance

This week on Among Women, I interview author and Catholic Fire blogger, Jean Heimann. We discuss her blogging life and her new book, Seven Saints for Seven Virtues. This new book profiles saints who model the virtues we all need. Traditionally, Catholics have trusted there are seven heavenly virtues that help defeat the seven deadly sins — the root sins responsible for all our sins and mistakes in life.

UnknownOn this episode of Among Women, we focus on Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, St John Paul II, and St Augustine who shine in the areas of charity, diligence, and temperance. Charity, diligence, and temperance are virtues that help Christians fight the vices of pride, sloth or laziness, and lust or lack of self-control (especially when it comes to sex, food, drink or any other over-indulgence).   You might want to know what saints and virtues the rest of the book covers.

They are:

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Model of Charity
St. Agnes, Model of Chastity
St. John Paul II,  Model of Diligence
St. Joseph, Model of Humility
St. Catherine of Siena, Model of Kindness
St. Monica, Model of Patience
St. Augustine, Model of Temperance

Listen to Among Women today!

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This makes me think… how countercultural Christian faith really is… or, be like a salmon

A few years ago I was on holiday in Scotland and saw an amazing sight: thousands of wild salmon in a river, swimming upstream, racing ahead, jumping in the air to get past rocks and over the boulders. Salmon, I am told, lay their eggs upstream, and once hatched, the new salmon swim down to the sea on a huge journey to the feeding grounds off Greenland. They then have two months to get back to the river they were born in, to lay their own eggs and after to die. How on earth they know where their home-river is a mystery, but that’s why you see the amazing sight of fish swimming upstream, jumping in the air, and racing against the current. 

It made me think of two things: That we are a bit like salmon. Deep down in every human heart is a spiritual homing-device. We are made for God and made for heaven. Our home is with him, and our hearts are restless until we find him. But secondly, to find Him, to find Him in our busy, affluent, secular culture, we must swim upstream against the current. To find God, to develop friendship with him, to live the life of Christ, to reach heaven our home, we have to be countercultural, to be different, to create space and time, to make the effort, even to suffer.

-Bishop Philip Egan-
Bishop of Portsmouth, UK
From The Sower Review, July-Sept 2013

The F.U.N. Quotient… having fun at work edition…

Honestly, I went a bit weak in the knees watching these angles.

And just in case you needed something more lighthearted…

#GraceOfYESDay… who inspires me? Intercessors, Helpers, Missionaries, Caregivers, Mercy-bearers

#GraceOfYESDay… who inspires me? Intercessors, Helpers, Missionaries, Caregivers, Mercy-bearers

7CqeBIn honor of the”Grace of YES” day… (inspired by Lisa Hendey’s book, The Grace of Yes):

The people who inspire me with their yes include …

Intercessors: the men and women who silently, and particularly, intercede for others with their hidden prayers. I know I have been the grateful recipient of many prayers lifted to heaven.

Helping Servants: The people I know who quietly work in the ministry of the St Vincent de Paul Society in my parish and diocese. Their generous and thoughtful work brings what’s needed most to homes in my town. There are other ministries listed here, in Catholic Digest, that are worthy of our support. 

Missionaries: Full-time missionaries, like Jonathan and Kristen of Family Mission Company,  and campus ministers like Michelle Ducker, and FOCUS.  And part-time missionaries like Totus Tuus programs.

Caregivers: Those who bring relief and care to the elderly, the infirm, the mentally ill, and those who have no family to belong to.

May the grace of YES to God in our lives lead us to perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy

The corporal works of mercy include:

  • To feed the hungry;
  • To give drink to the thirsty;
  • To clothe the naked;
  • To harbour the harbourless;
  • To visit the sick;
  • To ransom the captive;
  • To bury the dead.

The spiritual works of mercy are:

  • To instruct the ignorant;
  • To counsel the doubtful;
  • To admonish sinners;
  • To bear wrongs patiently;
  • To forgive offences willingly;
  • To comfort the afflicted;
  • To pray for the living and the dead.

Finally, the grace of yes is “a vocation to love”, as St Therese of Lisieux once declared. Whatever our vocational state, let us be faithful Marriage partners and faithful priests and religious, and faithful individuals who are single for the Lord. May our “yeses” bring the work of mercy to the world.