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Video: I am “among women” who speak for themselves with respect to the HHS mandate’s curtailing of religious freedom.

I’m happy to add my voice to the women who are opposing the HHS Mandate in America… and you’ll see my face in this video at 2:06-2:09 (lower right side of the screen). Here’s to a more thoughtful, more complete vision of women’s freedom… and to a stronger reception of religious liberty in America than we are currently finding.

Many thanks to Helen Alvare for helping to lead the charge on this, and for the websites and facebook pages that have something to say about this:


If you followed me at the Among Women blog, before I started this one, then you’ve seen a variety of posts that I’ve done on the subject including this one, and this podcast with Elizabeth Scalia and Kathryn Jean Lopez back when the news was first breaking. Get informed and let your congress people know your thoughts.

Finally, for months, our US Catholic Bishops are calling us to act as well. Here’s the link with all the details. 


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