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“Mary’s Got This”… my newest favorite phrase and my most recent piece at Catholic Mom

“Mary’s Got This”… my newest favorite phrase and my most recent piece at Catholic Mom

My photo of a pilgrim icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. For more information about their program, go to: http://www.kofc.org/un/en/service/church/marian/

I’m happy to be over at Catholic Mom today with a little missive about my love for Mary and my little prompt that boosts my confidence in Mary’s intercession… “Mary’s got this.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Worrying is something I’m very good at, but it is not useful or healthy for me. When my courage and confidence is failing or being challenged, I sometimes find myself distracted from concentrating on my work at hand. When this happens, I can say a rosary, asking Mary for her intercession, and then remind myself –Mary’s got this! Calling to mind, St. Pio’s admonition to “pray, and don’t worry”, that little added phrase — “Mary’s got this” — allows me to retreat into a kind of calm knowing; believing that a greater mother’s heart is at work carrying out all the details of my cares behind the scenes. Counting the beads of a rosary lowers my heart rate, and the prayers restore me. I need not be afraid or disturbed. I just need to carry on.


“Mary’s got this” means that I can say “yes” to the needs of the moment, and say “no” to my worrying distraction. I regain my balance and attend to my duties. Knowing my Mother Mary has it covered, I can let it go and be obedient to my tasks at hand. In my minds’ eye, I can hold onto Momma’s hand with one of mine, as I tend to work with the other. Knowing my concerns are linked to heaven, or better yet — carried in the heart of heaven — helps me carry on.

Read the rest over at Catholic Mom.

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 *Mary is the Star of the New Evangelization