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This makes me think…

And now my final point: be yourself. If you are going to have a personal Twitter account or a FaceBook page that is listed as yours, make it yours. Don’t have others post for you. Don’t just post aphorisms, quotes from Scripture, Church teaching or the lives of the saints. While they are good to read and remember, as posts in themselves they do nothing to connect us persons to our brothers and sisters. People want to know what we really think and what we really believe. We speak best about the Incarnation, God made man in Jesus Christ, when we make that message incarnate in ourselves. This means we need to be vulnerable to others – as He was, we need to be present to others – as He was, we need to authentic in our dealings with others – as He was, and we need to be passionate about what we know to be the Truth – as He was. If we can do so by our personal presence in the digital culture, then that is where we need to be.


~Bishop Christopher Coyne, who tweets at @BishopCoyne and blogs here.