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Among Women wants to know: What do you love about Pope Francis? Or, what have you learned from him?

Among Women wants to know: What do you love about Pope Francis? Or, what have you learned from him?

March 13 marks the first anniversary of Pope Francis’ election as our Holy Father. I’d like to release a special edition of Among Women in honor of Pope Francis’ election, and I need your input!

Tell me, and tell the Among Women audience: Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.09.47 PM

What do you love about Pope Francis?


What you have learned from him?

Send me your comments via the combox below.

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I’d love a short MP3 recording of your voice with your comments to add your voice to the special edition podcast! 

You can do this in two ways.

First, use your smart phone voice memo app to record your thoughts and send me the MP3 file to amongwomenpodcast@me.com.

Second, record your comments at the voicemail I’ve set up for this purpose: 206-339-8834

Thanks for your help!

Remember: I need your comments by midnight on March 11, 2014.

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  1. I love his simplicity, his call to the basics of the gospel and his clear communication of the Church’s stand on so many issues. His solidarity with the poor really challenges me to rethink my comfort and what I believe is really OK in our world- children dying of hunger, homeless people freezing to death, elderly left all alone? He calls us to have a heart for one another and to grab hold of the vision that we can make a big difference in our world if we will embrace who God has created us to be and move beyond our fear and complacency. I love Pope Francis!

  2. I love that he is Latino! (Sort of like me, a Latina). He has a magnetic humility. Case in point? The voicemail he left for nuns on New Years. He wonders what they must be up to and says he’ll phone later. ¡Sí como na! (Like it were nothing). But that’s him. It’s ingrained in him to be that kind of shepherd that smells of his sheep!


  3. So many … I love that I can understand what he says but yet I know there is so much more to ponder about it. I love that whether for the truth of what he says, or what is perceived to be said, his papacy is getting fallen away or non-Catholics to take a look (or second look) at the Catholic Church. Lastly, I love his batman-type persona (see Stephen Colbert for clarification).


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