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Got 5 mins? Watch this great video about St Gianna Beretta Molla – a 20th century saint!

Preparing for the World Meeting of Families, Salt and Light  of Toronto produced this video about this heroic saint. To me, St Gianna exemplifies the feminine genius. You might want to listen to my Among Women podcasts that profile her life, listed below. But for now, enjoy this!

St. Gianna Molla – World Meeting of Families 2015 from saltandlighttv on Vimeo.

Among Women 161: Catholic Pediatricians Make a Difference

Among Women 11: Hear one of the earliest AW podcasts featuring a bio of St Gianna Molla


  1. A mind of truth and beauty of oneself through redemptive suffering. Our Lord suffered on the cross for us. We can return “the favor” by not thinking of ourselves by giving to one another no matter how much it hurts.
    Love is given from not only through the heart but also from our whole body , mind and soul. We do this in Jesus name through Our Beloved Mary Our Mother.