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Support Catholic businesses that help support your Catholic life

Support Catholic businesses that help support your Catholic life

Amidst the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, besides all the important safety reminders, remember to pray daily.

For Catholics that might mean praying with a live stream of a Mass (especially on Sundays), praying the Rosary, or other devotions like the Divine Mercy chaplet.

Spiritual reading is also a support to a strong prayer life — and it is something positive you can do amidst the difficulties to help nurture your soul and that of your family.

Those of you who have followed me for years here, or at Among Women, or have read my books, know that a large part of this apostolate has been sharing the faith via speaking, or writing, as well as the sharing work of writers who have encouraged all of us to live Catholic faith both personally and in our families.

After giving your support for the local church and those in need, if your means still allow, I ask for your support on behalf of Catholic publishing companies and Catholic retailers — during this economic downturn.

My book, ALL IN: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters is currently only $2.99 in the kindle edition. (That sale ends 4/15/2020.) But many other good books are on sale over at Ave Maria Press.

My son works for the Catholic Company and helps to produce the Good Catholic series of online videos and email meditations, and more. They are also promoting the #PrayStrong message in their retail side.

Like that cool tee shirt above? Check it out here. Get one for your state.

Be assured of my prayers for the many readers and listeners who stop by here and at Among Women.



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Church scandals getting you down? I’m giving away 30 free copies of ALL IN — the book I wrote on why I’m still a confident Catholic.

Church scandals getting you down? I’m giving away 30 free copies of ALL IN — the book I wrote on why I’m still a confident Catholic.

I cannot help being deeply saddened as I read the current reporting unraveling details of sex scandals involving some members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and numerous corruptions surrounding those events. For those of us who have lived through previous scandals, there is a sickening sort of PTSD swirling about.

Yet I believe in the power of prayer and sacrifice for our own sakes and the sakes of others. So, we’re increasing our intentional prayer here at the Gohn home, especially in August, dedicated to the Immaculate Heart.

By way of sacrifice, I’m offering 30 free copies of ALL IN from my personal inventory, one per person, to anyone who may be feeling depressed, angry, or saddened by what we are now going through as a church. (See below how to get a free book.) It helps to recall this: No matter how low your opinion of the Church might be right now, the opinion of Jesus Christ matters most. 

Update 8/17/2018:  the first 30 books were gone in the first 24 hours. BUT, given the demand, I’m holding this open till Sunday night 8/19, 11:59pm or until the next case of books is gone, whichever comes first.

Update 8/23/2018: This offer is not closed. All books have been shipped and recipients notified. Thanks to the many people who wrote in!

From the introduction of ALL IN: 

The idea for this book, began to grow several years back when I struggled with disillusionment within the Catholic Church. I worked on staff at a parish when the sex-abuse scandals broke out in the local news implicating many priests in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.

For months on end, heartbreak and hysteria swirled like harsh clouds over our heads as disappointment and disgust churned in our minds and hearts. And while I never left the Church, I needed to dig deeper to find reasons to stay faithful.

Over time, for me, the good — the great truths and beauty of the Catholic Church — continued to outshine the bad news in our midst.

The Catholic Church, despite warts and flaws that are seen by many, continues to make a positive impact on my life. That is a hope I am willing to share.

Becoming a confident Catholic in the face of negativity, whatever the source, takes time.

I’m often in awe of the saints of the Church; they’ve seen it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of life and the Church through the ages. Their faith never ceases to amaze me. To be a saint is to be all in.


Want to read more? I’ve put the entirety of Chapter Two in an earlier post. Read it here. 



  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click on the “CONTACT ME” link.
  2. Fill out all the information asked for. In the Subject line, please write: “Free book.” Please double-check your mailing address, as I will be shipping the book via the U.S. Mail.
  3. Don’t forget to click the SUBMIT button.
  4. Important caveat: This offer is for U.S. residents only. (Sorry, that’s all I can afford.) International readers are invited to purchase the book via Amazon, or Ave Maria Press.

After that, I’ll be in touch with you when the book ships by mail.



A word to survivors of sexual abuse, and their friends…

Over the years I’ve been producing the Among Women Podcast, I’ve recorded some conversations about this important subject that may be some support and help.

They are:

AW 79: Overcoming the Trauma of Sexual Abuse

AW 140: Saintly Perspectives on Healing Sexual Wounds

AW 47: From Victim to Survivor to Striver to Thriver


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Among Women Espresso Shot #14: My Read-Aloud Introduction to ALL IN

Among Women Espresso Shot #14: My Read-Aloud Introduction to ALL IN

Welcome to Episode 14 of Among Women “Espresso Shot”
– a short strong coffee break of faith sharing and teaching from Pat Gohn.

Today’s topic: An Introduction to ALL IN: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters

Listen now! This is an excerpt from my latest book, All In: Why belonging to the Catholic Church Matters. I read part of the introduction.

Buy the book here!

Listen to the podcast here.

Among Women 221: Bragging on Jesus – with Danielle Bean

Among Women 221: Bragging on Jesus – with Danielle Bean

Join us for this latest episode of Among Women for an  important and fundamental conversation about Jesus who loves us — and what it means to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the bedrock — the reason for our faith as Catholics.

Jesus once asked his apostles: “Who do you say that I am?” It’s a question we all must answer. In this episode we meet two women who are in love with Jesus — St. Matilda of Hackeborn from Germany, and Danielle Bean from New Hampshire.

I’m happy to welcome 41ZSMFtxWhL-1._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_author and speaker and Catholic Digest magazine publisher, Danielle Bean, back to the program. Together we discuss her latest book: You’re Worth It! (Change the way you feel about yourself by learning how Jesus feels about you.) 

Don’t miss this episode of Among Women!




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20% off Sale for ALL IN: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters! Details here!

20% off Sale for ALL IN: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters! Details here!

My wonderful publishers are having a book launch sale event! Now through March 20, get my new book, ALL IN, for 20% off the cover price! 

You can even get my first book, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious, for 20% off!

Full details here!  Go to Ave Maria Press and place your order.

Be sure to use the promo code BELONG to get your discounts!



ALL IN is available! (Hint: today is a great day to order it!)

ALL IN is available! (Hint: today is a great day to order it!)


The word has been out for a few days as advanced orders were received, but I’m happy to announce that the release of my new book, ALL IN: Why belonging to the Catholic Church matters, is out and available on AmazonBarnes and Noble, Catholic bookstores, and, of course, at my publisher’s website, Ave Maria Press.

I’ve been blessed to be a Catholic and I share some of my faith story here, as well as my confidence in the Catholic Church, and how you can firmly place your trust firmly both in Jesus Christ, and the Catholic Church. Now, I know for some of you, your trust in the Catholic Church might be a bit wobbly, given all the strife and heartache and disappointment many church members have caused both within and without the Church. I totally get that. And that’s why I wrote about how I can still be confidently Catholic, and an active member in the Catholic Church, with its warts and all. Without whitewashing our struggles, I offer the reasons I stay.

Information about the book is here, and in an earlier post here.

And so I offer this loving appeal: Even if you have a stack of books to read ahead of this one, if you order it today, it will really help the book’s launch. Does that sound self-serving? Yes, I agree it does. But the reality is that the Catholic book market has all the same pressures that other book markets have, as we exist in a competitive economy. So if there’s ever a new Catholic book that you are interested in reading, try to buy it when it first comes out. The hardworking people in Catholic publishing will appreciate your business.


I’ve been out speaking about the book in a few media places already…

On Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo (listen at 39:00 on the hour) and the Spirit Mornings crew at Spirit Radio Network…

Find articles on the web at Aleteia, and Amazing Catechists.

Next week on March 9 I’ll be on Radio Maria and the following week on Catholic TV’s “This is the Day” on March 17. 

And there’s more to come.

Very soon I’ll be offering a few excerpts read by me on the Among Women podcast.

I’m booking future ALL IN retreats for Catholic parishes and dioceses. Or single talks for your church event. Find my contact information at the bottom of this page.


FYI: I’m out in California today getting ready to give a women’s retreat at St Catherine of Alexandria parish in Morgan Hill (near San Jose), so if you are in the area, join us! If not, we’d appreciate your prayers!

My next book… ALL IN: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters

My next book… ALL IN: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters


Coming March 3, 2017…

Here’s the official description from the Ave Maria Press website:

In this passionate and unapologetic account of why her faith in Christ and the Catholic Church are the source of meaning and joy in her life, Pat Gohn—popular speaker, retreat leader, catechist, and author of Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious—invites you to become more confident in the power of the Catholic faith to transform your life as well.

What’s the one thing that defines your life and brings you the most good, the most love?

Pat Gohn knows what her one thing is: “More than any single factor in my life, belonging to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church has had the greatest impact on me. Faith gives meaning to everything in my life.”

Being a cradle Catholic, cancer survivor, wife, and mother are all a part of her story. But in this appealing, personal book, Gohn shares why her relationship with Jesus and her confidence in his Church are so much bigger than her medical diagnosis, more powerful than her family history, and more significant than her career path.

In All In Gohn ardently shares why belonging to the Church will strengthen and nurture your relationship with God. It will keep you connected with Jesus and the sacraments—conduits of grace, forgiveness, healing, wisdom, and renewal. Belonging to the Church connects you to millions of others around the world, to the saints, and to your loved ones in heaven. These relationships are at the heart of Catholicism. In this time when life and society are so fragmented, the joy of belonging to a community—as imperfect as it can be—easily outweighs the agony of separation or isolation.

Gohn’s confidence in her faith emerged despite and even out of a struggle with disillusionment. Working in a parish when news of the sex abuse scandals broke in Boston, she confronted heartbreak and anger within herself and her fellow parishioners. Yet she never left the Church and relates how she found a way to dig deeper and discover reasons to stay faithful.

Each of the nine chapters in All In identifies a dimension of the Catholic faith that is a source of Gohn’s confidence, including the Incarnation, God’s plan, the Fatherhood of God, the friendship of the Holy Spirit, and the love of neighbor. Each chapter also features reflection questions to challenge you.

Thanks to my kind endorsers, and most especially, to my editor, Bob Hamma, who recently retired from Ave Maria Press, and will be missed!

I finally finished writing this book during my rehab months earlier this year, following surgery on my hip. But really, it’s something the Lord has been writing in me since my teen years.

Pre-orders being taken now at Ave Maria Press, or Amazon.


In the weeks to come, starting next Monday, I’ll be printing a few short excerpts here in anticipation of the book’s release. I hope you’ll stop by to read. If you simply cannot wait for the book’s release, and would like to receive a free reviewer’s e-copy in exchange for posting an honest review of the book, please contact me via the contact form below.


“The Church truly knows that only God, Whom she serves,
meets the deepest longings of the human heart,
which is never fully satisfied by what this world has to offer.”

Gaudium et Spes, 41
Documents of Vatican II, 1965