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Celebrate World Communications Day ! Get Catholic TV! Discover other media resources!

Celebrate World Communications Day ! Get Catholic TV! Discover other media resources!

 “The Church needs to be concerned for, and present in, the world of communication, in order to dialogue with people today and to help them encounter Christ.”

– Pope Francis –
World Communications Day message, 2014

If evangelization is part of church’s identity, then spreading the message of the gospel is what we need to be about. I’m a fan of all Catholic media: radio, television, print, film, and internet and digital media.  I’ve been very fortunate to work in media.

Today let me invite you to Get Catholic TV! — an easy way to see if Catholic TV is in your area. It’s simple: just input your zip code here, and find which channel gives you access!

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I also invite you to read my previous post on World Communications Day, and Pope Francis’ message for today.

Finally, bookmark my Catholic Resources page at Among Women. You’ll find my recommendations for the best Catholic books, media, and more.

Lisa Hendey on Inter Nos on Catholic TV– a great synopsis of her life and work!

Lisa Hendey on Inter Nos on Catholic TV– a great synopsis of her life and work!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.41.56 PMI first met Lisa Hendey at the end of 2004 through an email. Who would have known what would become it? Eventually I was writing regularly for Catholic Mom, back then when there was a little more than a dozen of us offering columns there. Today there’s close to 150 writers at CatholicMom.com and over the years, and I’m still there.

But I’m more than happy to be one of Lisa’s friends in real life.


She’s been a friend in the trenches of motherhood, writing, and podcasting. I was pleased to write a sidebar for her back when her first book came out, The Handbook for Catholic Moms. And I was even more pleased when Ave Maria Press asked that I record portions of the Audiobook version for it too. And I’ve been a cheerleader for her successive books along the way.

What began as a small apostolate in her kitchen at her computer has mushroomed into a writing and speaking career, with travels around the USA, Canada, Rome, the Holy Land, and most recently, to Rwanda with Catholic Relief Services. Yes, she’s impressive, but she’s really got both feet on the ground, and a heart that is truly grounded by her love of God, the faith, and her family.

You can learn about Lisa, her family, and her work, in this television profile of all that we love about Lisa Hendey on Inter Nos, hosted by Fr. Bob Reed, the president of Catholic TV.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.41.01 PMWatch the episode on Catholic TV. 


I’m on Christian Witness on Catholic TV Tonight at 8:30pm (plus, here’s a link for it online)

I’m on Christian Witness on Catholic TV Tonight at 8:30pm (plus, here’s a link for it online)

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 7.11.44 PMTonight at 8:30pm I’m very pleased to be the guest on Catholic TV’s Christian Witness, hosted by moral theologians — who just happen to be husband and wife —Drs. David and Angela Franks, professors of theology at St John’s Seminary in Boston, and part of the leadership team of the Theological Institute of the New Evangelization. (Among Women listeners may recall my conversation with Angela Franks, PhD, in March.)Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 7.11.16 PM

In this episode of Christian Witness we talk about themes from my book, and specifically about a woman’s need for love, and relationships, and a Christian woman’s call to be a spiritual mother. I hope you enjoy it. Watch it on Catholic TV’s website on demand, or find it tonight on Catholic TV at 8:30pm eastern, or  this Saturday, September 7th at 4:00pm eastern.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 7.49.19 PM


Got local Catholic Radio and Television? Then help promote it!

Got local Catholic Radio and Television? Then help promote it!

WQOM is the Boston-area Catholic radio station, and while their signal is not as strong in my listening area, I know many of my Massachusetts and Rhode Island friends are very much blessed by its presence. The station recently started a billboard campaign and it is a simple message…


I hope folks in Massachusetts will consider some of the programming on WQOM. And I hope my little billboard here at The Back Porch can help lead people to it.


We’re also blessed in this region by Catholic TV and EWTN on our regional cable stations. Check them out, too! Both of them have many programs to watch on demand, besides regular daily programming.

Catholic TV has its studios in Watertown, just outside of Boston, and they have an app for your smart phone! Find them on Facebook.


I love radio, and I guess I’m kind of partial to it. It’s a great, inexpensive medium, compare to television, for the new evangelization. My radio roots have definitely shaped me.

Back in the 80s, when I was a newlywed, living in New York, there was no such thing as Catholic Radio. A few stations might have an hour of a priest giving a message on a Sunday morning, but there really was no such thing as a Catholic radio station, and Catholic television stations were fledgling and few. So, after working in commercial radio and advertising, I did a five year stint in Christian Radio for the old WLIX on Long Island.

There I was, a devout Catholic, sharing in the ministry of gospel radio alongside Evangelical Christians, Baptists, including a few former Catholics who left the church for Protestant congregations. Looking back on those years, I can see the roots of much of the ministry I engage in now — the desire to share the gospel (and its specific proclamation within the Catholic Church and to the world), and to write and work in media. I grew up a lot in those five years and learned the lessons of ecumenism, including praying for and with others, respect for other faith traditions, and discovering my genuine need to go deeper in my own Catholic faith, and learn its tenets so I could adequately defend and share it.

Fast forward to today. I’m writing and speaking, and I am a frequent radio guest on many Catholic radio programs near and far. And I have been so grateful to all of the hosts and producers and owners for sharing the airtime with me. I’m so impressed with the growth of Catholic radio across the nation.

Catholic television continue to grow, and I’ve support and promoted Catholic TV in my area and via new media. (I’ve even been asked to do some television now and again, like Catholic TV’s This is The Day, and I don’t mind saying that I find that so much more daunting!)

But the point of this post is to remember that we all have a role in helping to spread the word about these stations. Most of them are non-profits, and they need our support for their growth. So do what you can! Listen! Get a bumper sticker! Tell your family and friends! Put an announcement in your church bulletin or school! Retweet their stuff on Twitter or plug their shows on Facebook or Google + or your favorite social sharing site. Heck, write a blog post!

Here’s my guest slot on Catholic TV’s “This is the Day”…

Here’s my guest slot on Catholic TV’s “This is the Day”…

I’ve long admired the work of Fr. Bob Reed, and enjoyed working with him and his team at Catholic TV a few years ago when I coordinated the first CNMC to come to Boston in 2010. Since then, I’ve watched the amazing growth of the Catholic TV network under Fr Reed’s leadership.

With the release of Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious, I had the privilege of coming back to this Boston-based national network to be a guest on their live morning show, “This is the Day”, yesterday.

The archived video is here.


Screen shot from the broadcast

Watch the show. My slot begins at 10:15 on the video.

L to R, Kevin Nielsen, newscaster;  Pat; Jay Fadden, co-host; Fr Robert Reed, President of C-TV.

L to R, Kevin Nelsen, newscaster; Pat; Jay Fadden, co-host and GM of C-TV; Fr Robert Reed, co-host and President of C-TV.

Thanks to Bonnie Rodgers for coordinating the invitation and to Shannon Muldoon who welcomed me and got me to the set in good order. The studio team at C-TV were pros and I had a great visit to Watertown, MA. Find C-TV on Facebook.