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Among Women 237: A Bishop We Can Rely On

Among Women 237: A Bishop We Can Rely On

In this latest episode of Among Women we discuss the difficult subject of news reports regarding the Catholic Church in the U.S. with regard to sexual abuse by clergy. In this challenging time, as confidence in our nation’s bishops may be waning, my guest, Alexis Walkenstein and I discuss the matter in light of her new book about an amazing bishop, Fulton J. Sheen

Also join me is praying the Litany of the Saints on behalf of our Church. And get in a giveaway for a free copy of my book, All In… but you have to act fast! Details here. 

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Church scandals getting you down? I’m giving away 30 free copies of ALL IN — the book I wrote on why I’m still a confident Catholic.

Church scandals getting you down? I’m giving away 30 free copies of ALL IN — the book I wrote on why I’m still a confident Catholic.

I cannot help being deeply saddened as I read the current reporting unraveling details of sex scandals involving some members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and numerous corruptions surrounding those events. For those of us who have lived through previous scandals, there is a sickening sort of PTSD swirling about.

Yet I believe in the power of prayer and sacrifice for our own sakes and the sakes of others. So, we’re increasing our intentional prayer here at the Gohn home, especially in August, dedicated to the Immaculate Heart.

By way of sacrifice, I’m offering 30 free copies of ALL IN from my personal inventory, one per person, to anyone who may be feeling depressed, angry, or saddened by what we are now going through as a church. (See below how to get a free book.) It helps to recall this: No matter how low your opinion of the Church might be right now, the opinion of Jesus Christ matters most. 

Update 8/17/2018:  the first 30 books were gone in the first 24 hours. BUT, given the demand, I’m holding this open till Sunday night 8/19, 11:59pm or until the next case of books is gone, whichever comes first.

Update 8/23/2018: This offer is not closed. All books have been shipped and recipients notified. Thanks to the many people who wrote in!

From the introduction of ALL IN: 

The idea for this book, began to grow several years back when I struggled with disillusionment within the Catholic Church. I worked on staff at a parish when the sex-abuse scandals broke out in the local news implicating many priests in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.

For months on end, heartbreak and hysteria swirled like harsh clouds over our heads as disappointment and disgust churned in our minds and hearts. And while I never left the Church, I needed to dig deeper to find reasons to stay faithful.

Over time, for me, the good — the great truths and beauty of the Catholic Church — continued to outshine the bad news in our midst.

The Catholic Church, despite warts and flaws that are seen by many, continues to make a positive impact on my life. That is a hope I am willing to share.

Becoming a confident Catholic in the face of negativity, whatever the source, takes time.

I’m often in awe of the saints of the Church; they’ve seen it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of life and the Church through the ages. Their faith never ceases to amaze me. To be a saint is to be all in.


Want to read more? I’ve put the entirety of Chapter Two in an earlier post. Read it here. 



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A word to survivors of sexual abuse, and their friends…

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