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This makes me think… about how prayer fuels evangelization

The key to sharing your faith is living always in the presence of God. In the first place this means living a sacramental life of frequent Communion and regular confession. You must also have an active prayer life. Being aware of God’s presence in your life means you will always be asking, “Lord, what do YOU want me to do in this situation?” And I must tell you that living in the presence of God is essential in order to practice virtue and to keep away from sin.

The Catholic Church needs laypeople who want to live in the presence of God, who know the truths of the Faith, and who are willing and able to share them with others. I often tell the story of a five-year-old boy I met at a conference. He tugged on my pants leg and asked, “Hey, mister, do you know who made you?”



I answered, “God made me.”

“That’s right,” he beamed, “and God made me, too!”

This little fellow had just learned the answer to his first catechism question and was already sharing it with others! The point is that 99 percent of the Church that is laypeople all need to be like that little boy: ready, willing, and able to share our Faith… there is no substitute for personal contact. One-on-one evangelization is very powerful.

-Terry Barber-

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