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The MOM podcasts: 12 “Best of” Among Women episodes on Motherhood – Bookmark these!

The MOM podcasts: 12 “Best of” Among Women episodes on Motherhood – Bookmark these!

Mother is another word for LOVE! Motherhood is call to raise saints for heaven. (<–this link has an except from my book.)

I’m pleased to look back to the Among Women archives to bring you some of the most memorable conversations I’ve had the joy of hosting. I hope you’ll be blessed.


AW 179 Momnipotent with Danielle Bean – Don’t miss this most recent podcast dedicated to the feminine virtues that make Moms great! With author and editor Danielle Bean. Plus I discuss Mary’s spiritual motherhood in our lives. Listen!

AW 119 The Interior Life of Mothers – Make no mistake motherhood matters! Join me for a lively conversation with author Dorothy Pilarski about her book that explores that vital truth. Listen!

AW 71 Small Steps for Catholic Moms – They are the dynamite duo behind the book of the same name: Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss. These married women and longtime writers have eight and nine children respectively and give us a glimpse into the meaning of it all. Listen! 

AW 178 New Life in Christ – My guest describes how an unplanned pregnancy in her successful single professional life brought her to her knees and back to the faith. This is a joyous testimony. Listen! 

AW 56: CatholicMOM.com Founder Dishes – Catholic Mom.com founder, author, and social media maven Lisa Hendey takes us through the pages of her first book, The Handbook for Catholic Moms. Listen! 

AW 163 A Name for Eternity – A perfect podcast for mothers and mothers-to-be! Learn all about naming your baby from author Patrice Fagnant MacArthur. Listen!

AW 15o The Rosary and Pregnancy – perfect together! – Hear author Sarah Reinhard’s loving advice from her book, A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy. Listen!

AW 104: Little Ones in the Domestic Church, Part One, and Part Two – A rare gem for mothers getting their bearings in building up a Catholic home. Blogger Melanie Bettinelli  offers sage advice for starting to share the faith with the very youngest members of the family by creating an environment that naturally communicates the faith over time.  Listen to part one! Then: Listen to part two! 

AW 90 The Icing on the Cake – Got little ones? Need some cool — and simple!– ideas for growing your domestic church at home? Meet blogger Lacy Rabideau whose blog Catholic Icing is a favorite! This podcast offers great Lenten ideas, but make sure you check out her blog year round! Listen! 

AW 160 Mary’s Astonishing Motherhood – I teach a bit on Mary’s life with Joseph and her miraculous pregnancy, then I’m joined by Katherine Coleman who talks about her life’s joys and sorrows as she looks back on raising her autistic son, Matthew, to adulthood. Listen!

AW 121 Each Life is a Masterpiece – Moms of special needs children will be encouraged by the life and writing of Leticia Velasquez as she unpacks the wisdom from her collection of stories found between the pages of A Special Mother is Born. Listen!

AW 5 How to Form a Mothers Prayer Group – I am joined by Colette Crowley and together we both share our experiences in founding mothers prayer groups in our locales. My experience with my Mothers Morning of Prayer was a powerful aid to my spiritual life and my mothering. Don’t miss this very early archive from the early days of Among Women! Listen! 

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Have you checked out the series on the Creed over at The Wine Dark Sea blog?

For the Year of Faith, longtime blogger Melanie Bettinelli, and friend of the Among Women podcast, is hosting a series of guest posts from bloggers around blogdom on the subject of the Creed. Your truly was happily assigned the gig for “The Father Almighty”. Here’s a snippet of my contribution…

On the shelf above my kitchen sink – the sink being the place where I do a fair amount of thinking and praying – I have a little sign with this message:

Telling God how big your problems are? Tell your problems how big God is!

That little sign reminds me of the Creed and the foundations of my trust in God.

When we pray the words, “I believe in one God, the Father almighty,” we declare the bigness of God – his omnipotence. Those same words profess a Father who loves us, as well as acknowledging our identity as beloved daughters and sons.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), paragraph 278, offers a compelling question:

If we don’t believe that God’s love is almighty, how can we believe that the Father could create us, the Son redeem us, and the Holy Spirit sanctify us?

Pondering this challenges me, and makes me think deeply. It might as well have asked me: “How big is your God?”  Or maybe, “How small is your faith?” But even if I don’t have it all figured out, I can lean on this much… I can trust that God is bigger than my misunderstandings and limitations.

God has many incredible attributes, but only God’s omnipotence as “Almighty” is named in the Creed. God Almighty’s power is universal. God rules everything and can do everything. As master of the universe and the Lord of history his will is limitless. “Father almighty” states God’s infinite power as it admits a profound fatherly love for us—with all the tender affection and care a Father bestows upon his children, and so much more.

Read the rest. Enjoy the series, in progress, here.

Snoring Scholar hosted one on the Hail Mary to which I contributed.