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I’m at Catholic Mom today with another installment from “Tales from the Empty Nest”

I’m at Catholic Mom today with another installment from “Tales from the Empty Nest”

Over the years, it has been a gift to write for Catholic Mom. Though my frequency there is not what it used to be, I love to add a piece over there a few times a year. Having just launched my youngest into the real world of work and rent-paying, I’m sharing these thoughts from “The Last Serenade” about my son, Peter. You can read the whole piece here.

Maybe your mind pictures a dashing minstrel serenading his beloved beneath her window to win her heart… this wasn’t that. Actually, the last serenade was live classical music floating in from my living room accompanying my morning breakfast prep. I scrambled eggs and fried bacon. Later that same day I would pack the car with my Hubby to move our youngest out of state, the last child to leave home.

This boy-turned-man had won my heart years ago, and his twilight serenades were a staple in my midlife musical diet. Often a private concert just for me, these sessions were much more than recompense for 12+ years of shuffling to piano lessons and recitals.

This breakfast was the last one I would prepare for my son for a long time…

Read the rest over at Catholic Mom.

Alice Herz Sommer — amazing woman, musician, Holocaust survivor — describes the healing power of music

The first music, I’m sure, was sung by angels… who to this very day sing out the praises of God.

But closer to home there are composers… and skilled musicians whose creative gifts image the loving God who creates.

Even though music and grace and two different things, I think they act on us humans in similar ways. I think Alice Herz Sommers is on to that, here in her commentary about music, though she uses different words to describe it.


The F.U.N. Quotient… piano edition, Boston

In recent weeks, there have been pianos all over Boston, thanks to “Play Me, I’m Yours.”  It’s a wee bit colder here now, but what a great idea! Here’s some recent video on the project.

A little overview:

A few sweet moments:

A mini jazz concert:

Dad and Son:

And finally a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. over at Boston University.

The F.U.N. Quotient… spontaneous joy!

Assignment Advent: Now, go make somebody happy today! Commit a random act of kindness!