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Among Women 155: Woman, you are a gift! A look at the feminine genius…

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This week Among Women looks at the amazing dignity of woman and the gift of physical and spiritual maternity. This is one of those programs that is really foundational — theologically — to the mission of Among Women. I’m so happy to share some of the “feminine genius” that you will find in the writings of St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (also known as St Edith Stein), and the writings of my guest, faith and culture writer Rebecca Ryskind Teti. Come listen as she shares about her conversion to the Catholic faith and the beauty of her intellect as she unpacks a chapter that she wrote on the subject of the Feminine Genius in Hallie Lord’s book from last year, Style, Sex, and Substance.

Also, as we mark the 40th anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision in the United States,  and we anticipate the March for Life this Friday, I shared my debut piece in the Washington Post. There’s also my interview with Sheila Liaugminas of Relevant Radio regarding the same.

Finally, we also pray part of the Nine Days novena for life.

The bodacious message of a woman’s dignity and gifts — my interview on Relevant Radio today. Links to listen!

The bodacious message of a woman’s dignity and gifts — my interview on Relevant Radio today. Links to listen!

Okay, being a former radio deejay myself, I really appreciate a smooth delivery and articulation of a clear message…. would that I might have been describing me! But today I held my own and relaxed because I was in the hands of a real pro — an Emmy Award-winner, a great writer, and media host, Sheila Liaugminas, over at Relevant Radio’s “A Closer Look”.  God bless Sheila’s intellect, her timing and pacing, and her deep grasp of the news of the day when it came to the talking about the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade. I was honored to be in the lineup between Lila Rose of Live Action and John Morales, producer/director of The 40 Film.

You can listen to the show online here and my interview begins around 31:30 into the show, or you can download the mp3 here, and look the Jan 22 show on the chart.

Of course, the whole reason I got to be on the show was because of my debut in the Washington Post on “Respecting Women is Respecting Life.”